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Vintage Premium saws

Vintage Premium sawsPREMIUM QUALITY SAWS
Vintage Tools Melbourne is proud to offer their hand picked & selected Premium Quality range of vintage & antique hand saws.
Our Premium Quality hand saws are the best of their kind, saws from the “Golden Age” of saws, from 1870-1920, when the saw makers skill was at its absolute zenith & top quality materials were being used in manufacturing.
Back then 1st quality Hand Saws had highly taper ground backs, cleaner cut & were lighter to use, handles were made of fruitwoods (Apple, Cherry, Walnut), quarter sawn mature Beech, & exotics like Rosewood & Ebony & Mahogany, blades were Silver Steel, London Spring & Extra Refined Cast Steel.
These amazing saws are lovingly restored, hand sharpened & set to be scarily sharp precision cutting instruments.
Vintage Tools Melbourne’s Premium Quality Saws are for the woodworker who is happy to work unplugged, it’s about getting back to the fundamentals of woodworking- cutting wood well.
All of my saws are fully guaranteed to cut well, rake & fleam & slope (if applicable) will be listed with the saw, fully customisable orders can be taken for graduated toothing, breasting, recut to finer or coarser (dependant on plate thickness & depth), and if you wish to cut seasoned hard timber only or you’re a greenwood fan I can set your saw up to suit your requirements.
Please don’t hesitate to ask if you are looking for a particular saw or maker as I have a large variety of stock & am happy to be of service in your search for your personal saw, wether it be a dovetail, tenon, sash tenon, carcass saw, mitre saw, panel saw, crosscut or rip.
Regards, Mari

Antique Premium sawsAntique Premium sawsimage

Midcentury studio pottery by Eric Juckert



Eric Juckert (1918-2004 ) started potting in Melbourne, Victoria in 1930s. Among other things, he was making a range of pottery sold by Myers and David Jones under the name Jacqueline. In the 1950s he set up a studio on Phillip Island where he worked until the1990s.

His works are signed “Juckert” or “Eric Juckert”.

Available for purchase in here – Vintage Design Shop online store.

Eric Juckert pottery

Eric Juckert pottery